Golden Apple leads the way in cultivating and retaining quality teachers in schools-of-need. Our innovative and proven method of preparing excellent teachers results in positive and sustainable student outcomes, narrower performance gaps, and dramatically higher teacher longevity rates. From day one in the classroom, a Golden Apple Scholar will arrive ready to transform the lives of students in your school or district.

What makes Scholars exceptional?

  • Mentoring Support. Scholars receive two years of direct support from Golden Apple Mentors during the early years of teaching.

  • Advanced Preparation. Golden Apple provides cutting-edge instructional approaches that include trauma-informed training, personalized learning and the importance of civic engagement to ensure that Scholars are well-prepared to succeed in some of Illinois’ most challenging schools.

Scholars stay in teaching longer.


Scholars reflect the students we serve.


Want to learn more about the impact a Scholar can make in your school community?

Fill out the form below to contact Corey Richardson, Director of Placement and Alumni Relations. Please include details on the position you are trying to hire at your school-of-need.

Golden Apple Alumni can submit positions to the Scholars job board here.

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Golden Apple will only post positions in Illinois schools-of-need. See more information about schools-of-need below this form.

A school is designated by Golden Apple as a school-of-need by meeting one of the following two criteria: 

  • Economic Need: An Illinois school that has 30% or more students receiving free and reduced lunch, according to the Interactive Illinois Report Card from the Illinois State Board of Education. 

  • Academic Need: An Illinois school in which the combined percentage of its students who approached, met, or exceeded state standards is less than or equal to 60% according to the report card on file with the Illinois State Board of Education. Please keep in mind the "Fast Fact" portion doesn't show the amount of students who are approaching state standards. 

You can determine if a schools is one of economic and/or academic need by checking the Interactive Illinois Report Card website.