Mentoring Services


Mentoring services are provided to Scholars throughout the State of Illinois for at least the first two years of teaching for each Scholar. Through this mentorship, we have the opportunity to continue to reinforce teaching strategies and learning and ensure that the Golden Apple Scholar is well-prepared and well-supported to become a highly effective teacher for school communities.

All Golden Apple Scholar mentors are Certified State Evaluators, master teachers and educators – many of whom have received our Excellence in Teaching Award and are therefore Fellows of our Academy.  In addition, we have a diverse group of Mentors who have content-areas-of-focus and certifications that closely match that of their Mentees.

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New teachers who are assigned mentors are more likely to continue teaching than those who are not assigned mentors. In 2008-09, 92% of those who had first-year mentors were still teaching, compared to 84% of those without mentors. By 2011-12, 86% of those who had first-year mentors were teaching, compared to 71% who did not have mentors.
— U.S. Department of Education Study